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Accurate measurements of dimensions, characterization of materials and reliable electrical performances of structures and devices are critical for advances in fundamental nanoscience, design of new nanomaterials, and progresses in manufacturing of next-generation nanodevices.
The ExCELSiOR project aims at producing instrumental breakthroughs in the field of nanoscale electrical characterization of extremely small materials and devices. From the integration of scanning probe microscopies with high frequency characterization techniques, we want to fill the gap between proximal probes with sub-nanometer spatial resolution, high frequency electrical analysis of nano devices with matched impedance up to the THz range and wideband spectroscopy with ultra short time (<1ps).

The main scientific objectives consists in :

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Improving our understanding of the real-time dynamics of charge carriers in devices with the highest spatial resolution.

Scientific project pict2

Investigating the nanoscale interfaces in future generations of devices.



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Exploring new characterization methods based on the use of electrical analyses combining multiple scanning probes and high frequency measurements.

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Providing thorough inspection of (opto)electronic devices in operation for testing and reliability purposes.