Executive organization

The executive organization of ExCELSiOR is based on two committees with distinct roles:

  • The steering committee will meet once a year to establish the strategic policy of the project, insure a viable operability of ExCELSiOR Nanoscience Characterization Center, and make its open access efficient to academic and industrial communities. The last role of this committee is to promote the activities of excelsior through several European strategic councils and programs. The steering committee will be constituted of about 15 members involving industrial persons from large and small companies dealing with scientific instrumentation and nano-electronics (ST-Microelectronics) and also academic figures from research institutes (CEA-LETI) and parent organisms.
  • The scientific committee will be constituted of 4-5 key European scientists, the role of this committee is to define the scientific strategy and roadmap of ExCELSiOR and to promote the project by the organization of scientific events.

Operational organization

One of ExCELSiOR Nanoscience Characterization Center target is that it quickly becomes a shared resource for academia and industrial scientific communities, based on the organization scheme. The project can be classified in two periods:

  • The first three years will be dedicated to the experimental development; during this period the center will be open progressively to external projects;
  • After three years, the IEMN internal projects as well as the exogenous ones will be handled according to the following procedure.

Someone interested in starting a project at ExCELSiOR Nanoscience Characterization Center will be encouraged to first discuss the project with the scientific coordinator. Then each project application will be assessed by the Operational Boards to ensure its feasibility with the available resources and men efforts as well as the compatibility with the planning.

ExCELSiOR Nanoscience Characterization Center

Steering Committee


  • Internal ExCELSiOR members
  • Members from Industry, Academia, parent Organisms


  • Strategy policy of ExCELSiOR (roadmap, etc)
  • Lobbing actions within european and french research programs
  • Business plan

Scientific Committee


  • External Advising Scientists (4-5 members)
  • Internal ExCELSiOR members


  • Scientific Roadmap
  • Organization of scientific events

Operational Board


  • Internal ExCELSiOR members


  • Management of internal/external projects
  • Technical management and maintenance of equipements
  • Dissemination and technological transfers