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Microwave Nanoprober

Fields of investigation :

  • Microwave measurement of high impedance nanodevices (FET, capa aF…)
  • Integration of HF test structures (pad ~µm²)

Need to develop new instrument (micro-probes)

Low-temperature atomic force microscope

→ atomic / submolecular resolution with stiff AFM probes combined with single charge / sub-10 Debye dipole sensing.

Fields of investigation :

  • Q-dot / nanocrystal charge spectroscopy
  • Coupled nanocrystal FET devices
  • Molecular self-assemblies
  • Light-induced charge transfers (PV materials/devices)

THz Nanoscope

Fields of investigation :

  •  The mobile carrier contrast can be directly related to near-field excitation of THz-plasmons in the doped semiconductor regions
  •  Response is extraordinary sensitive, providing contrast from less than 100 mobile electrons in the probed volume