Equipement present at IEMN

Near Field & SPM Platform

Common facilities for nanoscale devices microscopy and electrical characterization.

Main equipments:

  • Ultra high vacuum STM, ambiant T°
  • Ultra high vacuum AFM/STM at variable T°
  • LT-STM, (4K)
  • Open air AFM
  • Open air STM
  • Four probes STM

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Microwave Characterization Platform

Common facilities for electrical characterization measurements.

Research Staff: 5 Engineers, 20 researchers and 40 PhD students
High level equipment: 4 M€, 400 sq. m

Carry out the full electrical characterization of electronic devices :

  •  45 MHz -325 GHz ( 500 GHz soon) networks analyzers
  • THz measurements using electro-optic sampling
  • Noise measurements (up to 220GHz)
  • Low temperature (4K) Microwave measurements
  • High temperatures (450K) microwave measurements
  • Nonlinear measurements
  • MEMS and NEMS characterization

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