For ExCELSiOR project, IEMN brings a strong expertise through two recognized facilities: the Near field AFM/STM & SPM Center and the Microwave Characterization Platform.

Near field AFM/STM & SPM Center:

Founded in 1994, this center hosts 8 permanent researchers and engineers that are daily involved to operate and develop eleven microscopes working either in Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) or air at variable temperature. It has reached a leadership position in the microscopic characterization and related electrical techniques to probe the composition, electronic transitions and charging effects of quantum structures.

Microwave Characterization Platform:

For thirty years, it has developed an expertise on High Frequency (HF) characterizations of on-wafer devices up to sub-mm wave range. This facility includes mainly 10 probe stations connected to Vectorial Network Analyzers (VNA) and covering frequency up to THz. Expertise in the field of linear, non-linear, noise, low and high temperatures HF measurements, electron device modeling and on-wafer calibration is well recognized by worldwide academic and industrial partners thanks to the skills and know-how of permanent researchers and engineers.