Kolloquium der Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik, University of Stuttgart December 6th, 2016

« HF Nanocharacterization: Toward new instrumentation and methods »
G. Dambrine – IEMN – University of Lille, France

Abstract: The seminar aims to detail some aspects of the research activity within the frame of the ExCELSiOR Nanosciences Characterization Center (www.excelsior-ncc.eu) located at IEMN-University of Lille-CNRS.

Benefiting of expertise in both HF characterization and near field microscopy, new instruments and/or associated techniques are elaborated to target measurement at low scale associated to broadband spectroscopy from microwave to FIR.

The seminar will particularly focus on:

(i) HF nanoprober constituted of SEM, nano-manipulators and a new class of fine pitch HF probes will be presented; performance to obtain calibrated S-parameters of nanodevices will be discussed.

(ii) Quantitative measurements of attoFarad capacitances using Scanning Microwave Microscope associated to microwave interferometry system will conclude the seminar.

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